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Paul Tries to Intimidate Auriga by Kaiten-X
Paul Tries to Intimidate Auriga
Auriga wanders into a cave in Nachtown Ranch, and comes across the little boss of the cave, Paul, who tries to scare her off, to no avail.

Second part of payment to M1LK-CH3RRY for a Relicanth.

6 levels to Auriga (Fullbody, shading, detailed background)
6 levels to Paul (Fullbody, shading, detailed background)
Charles, the Cracked-Up Prankster Ref Sheet by Kaiten-X
Charles, the Cracked-Up Prankster Ref Sheet
Bullet; Red ID#: 18972
Bullet; Black 
Species: Togepi
Bullet; Red Type(s): Fairy
Bullet; Black Name: Charles
Bullet; Red Gender: Male
Bullet; Black Nature: Naughty - Mischievous
Bullet; Red Extra: Shiny; Has a black shell with magenta and white markings, and purple skin
Bullet; Black Hatch Date: 11/5/14
Bullet; Red Level: 10
Bullet; Black Starting Base Attack: 27
Bullet; Red Current Base Attack: 29
Bullet; Black Ability: Hustle
Bullet; Red Moves Name - Type | Category
Charm - Normal | Status
Growl - Normal | Status

Bullet; Black Level Up Log
Clutch Dump and DYOs | 5 Levels (Full Body, Shading, Simple background)
Ref Sheet | 5 levels (Full Body, Shading, Simple Background)

Bullet; Red Personality: A mischievous and rude little Togepi who draws pleasure from tormenting the other Pokemon of Nachtown Ranch.
Auriga Visits Nachtown Ranch by Kaiten-X
Auriga Visits Nachtown Ranch
"Auriga, feeling more brave than usual, decides to visit Nachtown Ranch, but is a bit nervous upon seeing the environment"

First part of my payment to M1LK-CH3RRY for the the two little creatures I'm purchasing~

Valued at six levels.

Detailed Background = 2
Full Body = 2
Shading = 2
Total = 6
Captain Flowers, the Wannabe War Hero Ref Sheet by Kaiten-X
Captain Flowers, the Wannabe War Hero Ref Sheet
Bullet; Red ID#: 19340
Bullet; Black 
Species: Sunkern
Bullet; Red Type(s): Grass
Bullet; Black Name: Captain Bartholomew Flowers
Bullet; Red Gender: Male
Bullet; Black Nature: Rash - Likes to fight
Bullet; Red Extra: Has various scars from fights with other wild Pokemon, including a permanently blinded left eye.
Bullet; Black Hatch Date: 11/1/14
Bullet; Red Level: 5
Bullet; Black Starting Base Attack: 5
Bullet; Red Current Base Attack: 6
Bullet; Black Ability: Chlorophyll
Bullet; Red Moves Name - Type | Category
Absorb - Grass | Special
Growth - Normal | Status

Bullet; Black Level Up Log
 | 5 levels (Full Body, Shading, Background)

Bullet; Red Personality: Violently insane and dangerously bold, Bartholomew Flowers is definitely Monarch's most combative Pokemon, despite his weak body and horrible track record. 
Walter, the Klepto Cackler Ref Sheet by Kaiten-X
Walter, the Klepto Cackler Ref Sheet
:bulletred: ID#: 18577
Bullet; Black 
Species: Duskull
:bulletred: Type(s): Ghost
Bullet; Black Name: Walter
:bulletred: Gender: Male
Bullet; Black Nature: Naughty - Mischievous
:bulletred: Extra: Has a large crack in his mask, and somewhat snaggled teeth
Bullet; Black Hatch Date: 11/13/14
:bulletred: Level: 6
Bullet; Black Starting Base Attack: 5
:bulletred: Current Base Attack: 6
Bullet; Black Ability: Levitate
:bulletred: Moves Name - Type | Category
Night Shade - Ghost | Special
Leer - Normal | Status

Bullet; Black Level Up Log
 | 6 levels (Full Body, Shading, Detailed Background)

:bulletred: Personality: A tricky kleptomaniac who's a few candles short of a Chandelure, Walter can usually be found wherever there's something shiny and/or creepy, and his prized possession is a small golden skull with crystal eyes.
Heya folks. At least, I hope there's more than one of you XD. Anyway, this thing here is some randomizer thingy, where I set a random Pokemon for a buncha questions. So first, the extra.

E) This Pokemon is you:

Boosh, Legendary baby!

1) This Pokemon is your best friend


2) This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion

Well then.

3) This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

Welp. Getting an F.

4) This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you


6) This Pokemon is your current girlfriend

Such a musical darling.

7) This Pokemon is your ex

Well, she was pretty crabby...

8) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

...Now I feel fat if THAT thing stalks me.

9) This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

You dang freaky seaworm

10) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

Good thing I slept on the couch last night.

11) This Pokemon punched your mom

Huh. But my mum's kinda like a Nidoqueen...

12) This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes

Sorry Venemoth, my puppy's already got 'em claimed.

13) This Pokemon died by your hands

Gott danged bugs.

14) This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life

Huh. Bada$$.

15) This Pokemon is your loving pet

Better well love me after the bull I had to go through to get the Feebas

16) This Pokemon is your dentist

...But it has no haaaaaands. Well, at least I won't bleed everywhere.

17) This Pokemon is what you dream about every day


18) This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.

I have a feeling it's a lot more than just one...



Jack Night
United States

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